The trials and tribulations of the everyday Childminder.

Who the heck is Andi Turner when she’s at home?

Andi Turner is a former Fellow-Ambassador and Associate Tutor for the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years. She’s also a Brand Ambassador for Childcare Expo. She blogs from the heart on the day to day issues facing Childminders and the early years sector as a whole. She does her very best to show how things are never quite as bad as they might seem after a few good coats of looking-at and that there’s more ways than you’d ever thought possible of putting the joy back into childminding.

She’s the first to admit she’s neither the perfect Mother nor the perfect Childminder but she does do her very best at both. Bless. She’s not a fan of forward planning, learning journals or tracking sheets and can’t quite fathom out why anybody would choose to do such things when they don’t have to. She’s quite certain that in her 13 year childcare career she’s not once had fun yet doing paperwork and is never ever likely to and so she simply avoids it wherever possible. The irony of actively denouncing the outstanding OFSTED grade as “not all it’s cracked up to be” is not lost on the triple outstanding Childminder: indeed nobody got up and danced on the tables with the introduction of the new OFSTED “good” logo quite as spontaneously and energetically as she did.

She has achieved (and delivered) more education and early years sector endorsed qualifications than you can shake a stick at and has a wealth of experience educating learners from birth to – well – pretty darn old really: within the early years sector, the further education sector and the higher education sector. Yup, she’s pretty much suffered it all. She recalls that the hardest demographic of all is the childless-twenty-something-with-a-personalised-number-plate-with-a-jealous-boyfriend-and-a-full-social-life-who-just-has-no-spare-time-at-all-to-complete-assignments-even-though-they’re-still-living-at-home-with-parents-who-still-cook-all-meals-and-pack-lunches-in-insulated-bags-just-like-they-did-when-they-were-at-school-and-wash-and-iron-for-them but you can tell from the distress on her face that she’d just rather not go there.

At this time of great and abject austerity, she’s founded a thriving and ever-so-civil “free CPD for early years practitioners” social media group where grateful members share and review free online training resources. She somehow manages to find time to guest blog too and is chuffed to bits that the lovely people at PACEY, Teach Early Years, Childcare Expo and Broadway Events are delighted to share her childcare and education ramblings – I mean – childcare and education experiences and opinions. Other prominent experts have happily shared her stuff too which she’s also really rather pleased as punch about. And when she’s not doing all of that she works as an Independent Visitor for the north east branch of Changing Futures, a charity supporting children in local authority care.

Other than that, there’s not much else to say really.