The toilet door handle fell off the other day. It was okay though, there wasn’t a kid stuck inside or anything but I had to poke my finger through the hole to open and close it till I could find all the screws.

So I found all the screws and one of the girls says: “you’ll have to get a man to fix that for you, won’t you Andi”?

Red flag to bull moment right there.

But I calmed my inner self right tf down and said: “nope, I can do it myself and you can help me, in fact”.

Proper wow moment apparently coz her jaw practically hit the floor it did.

So I fetch a knife from the kitchen drawer coz it wouldn’t be proper for me to leave the kids while I rake through what must be THE untidiest and most disorganised garage on the planet to find a tool box. That $#!7 could take forever. Plus, I didn’t want to use my thumb nail again either.

So her job was to hold the screws and pass me them one by one. I risk-benefit assessed it and everything. She’s 4. She’s tall for her age. She was never one for pushing Lego or crayons up her nostrils. You know, one of the smarter ones. And besides, she wasn’t one of those kids who likes to try new food or owt so I knew she wouldn’t dream of putting any in her mouth. I mean, I could never even get her to eat a galaxy chocolate coz she “only likes the purple ones”. Also, she’d get to see her superb Childminder being – frankly- utterly superb. Win win: fine to proceed.

I get all 4 screws in.
“See! We didn’t need a man, did we?”
Jaw hits floor again. “Andi, you did it! Well done you!”

But then she goes on and says what I always say to my husband when he thinks he deserves praise for doing something I’ve done a million times before. Like, take the washing out of the machine “for you”. Wash a few dishes “for you”. Put some bleach down the loo “for you”.

Yeah, she told me to “give your-self a shineeeeeeey!” But without being a cocky git.

❤ kids me 😁