I like mucking about with my PC. You’d never know would you that when I did my O levels back in 1986 girls hadn’t been allowed to choose Computer Studies as a study option. Nope. We could choose typing and office practice though. We couldn’t choose German nor Woodwork nor Technical Drawing either. But we could choose French, Home Economics and Art. Needless to say, when I left school and went to sixth form to do my A levels I tagged on all the O Level options that had never been available to me before. Except Woodwork and Technical Drawing, stuff that for a lark. But anyway, I did choose Computer Studies (GCSE though as I was one of the last students to do O levels) and I wished I hadn’t at first. It was rock hard! Binary and Pascal – I still have nightmares. There wasn’t the Windows operating system back in those days you know? You young ‘uns don’t know you’re born I tell you. Anyway, I did soldier on and I did get my Computer Studies GCSE but I never learned how to do anything other than write basic computer programmes and design pointless graphics – for want of a better word. Think pop videos from the 1980s. Yeah, rubbish.


So, what I mean to tell you is that everything I know now has come from the trials and errors of just mucking around on my own PC. I’ve never had a course in ICT or web design or anything at all actually and I know for sure there’ll be better and quicker methods out there but hey, the things I use are FREE and they work for me. So, even if this blog only inspires you to try to create something similar using whatever software or applications you have at your fingertips then it’s all good. You can call me a dinosaur if you like but I. don’t. care.

Now, schools near to me have finally sent home newsletters informing parents that they’re not offering the 30 hours funded early years education. Call it free childcare if you like but I won’t be your friend. But what do you care huh? Anyhoo, cue lots of phone calls from parents of said schools asking me if I have a space for free childcare. After swallowing the vomit from that punch to the stomach I explained that I am offering government funded early years provision, yes, but only at certain times and on certain days. (Picture tumbleweed moseying on by…) The calls come one after the other and I flick on the answer machine. I check in with it later in the day and oh boy. The same questions over and over and over. So I decided – enough already. I’m going to create something visual to pin to the top of my facebook business page so everybody interested in my provision will see it and bother me no more with the same old questions. And this is it. Bitmoji me looking as glum as glum can be offering the glummiest glum service ever (please, please God don’t let anybody make me do this):

not included

And then here’s Bitmoji me looking a bit more upbeat about continuing to offer the same super-duper service I’ve always been offering and always want to continue offering (please choose this, please, please choose this):


And then I thought, hmm… I’d like something side by side so I did this:


And then some lovely lady in the Champagne Nurseries Lemonade Funding group thought they were kinda good and asked if I’d share them with the members. So I did. And people there thought they were kinda good too so I thought hey, it’d not be very kind at all if I didn’t let my colleagues know how I created them now would it and so I asked “hey, do you want to learn how to make one for yourself?” and some people said “ooh yes please” and so…voila!

Firstly, the programme I used is Microsoft PowerPoint. Yeah, yeah, I know there’s better ways out there but I’ve become a bit of a pro with PowerPoint (gonna call it PPT from hereon in ok?) even if I do say so myself. Now, if you have an earlier or later version than I have then your tools might be set out slightly different to mine but they’ll still be there. So…

  1. open PPT.
  2. click LAYOUT (to the right of NEW SLIDE) and scroll down to BLANK. Choose BLANK.
  3. click INSERT (at the top to the right of HOME).
  4. from the panel below, choose SMART ART.
  5. to make yours exactly the same as mine choose CYCLE. (Once you get the hang of this you can try experimenting with other graphics later).
  6. move your cursor to the right to choose your graphic. I chose hexagon radial.
  7. click OK.
  8. your graphic will now be in the middle of your slide. If you want to change the colours and design then by all means have a faff about with it but I’m going to continue as if you’re happy to leave it with the default colour (usually blue).
  9. Click on your first [Text] box and type in what’s included or not included. You can change the font if you want to but I’m going to continue as if you’re happy with the default text (usually Calibri). The text size will reduce as you write in each segment so you don’t need to worry about that.
  10. Work your way around each segment till they’re all filled in.
  11. Now, if you want to, you can change the colours and font at this point. You can also stretch the graphic to fill the slide area by dragging out the top left corner and then dragging out the bottom right corner. Make sure you don’t go outside of the slide lines though. If you make any mistakes then press CTRL+Z together and it will go back to the previous step. Each time you press CTRL+Z will take you to each previous step.


12. When you are happy with your graphic click on FILE (top left corner).

13. Take your cursor down to SAVE AS.

14. Choose where you would like to save your graphic. I will assume you will want it on your computer desktop (you can move it to a folder later) so choose COMPUTER then choose DESKTOP.

15. You will be prompted to type in a FILE NAME. Put in a file name.

16. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF ALL. Click in the SAVE AS TYPE box and immediately there will be a drop-down menu to choose from. As you probably want this graphic to use on social media or a website then choose JPEG or PNG.

17. Click SAVE.


You’re done. You now have your graphic saved on your desktop as an image to use across social media BUT I recommend going back to your slide and saving it again but as a POWER POINT PRESENTATION this time rather than as a JPEG or PNG so that you can edit it as much as you like later. You can’t edit an image.

If wanna go all out fancy pants then you can personalise your graphic with your business logo or an image or contact details for your setting or whatever you like really just as I did with my Bitmoji image.

Now, I could have screenshot every stage of the process but erm, I kinda have a life (though you’ll probably find that very difficult to imagine I’m sure) so, if you do have any issues at all, leave a message and I’ll try my best to resolve them for you bearing in mind I have absolutely no academic or professional credentials what-so-ever so far as anything ICT-ish goes capiche?