Don’t you just love it when some little thing you do ticks lots of little [but very important] boxes all in one go? I know I do. Our parents just can’t get enough of these…

But, you know who else loves them? Well, there’s our funding officer, the Health Visitor, the Educational Psychologist and the Speech and Language Specialist for a start. And when we created a montage of them for digital display in our setting Mrs O loved them too. In fact, every inspector so far has loved them.

So what is it they love about them?

Well, parents love them for at least 3 reasons:

  1. because they can see children having a lovely time while they are with us
  2. because they love it that we love the funny things their children come out with
  3. because by linking the photos to aspects of child development this shows that we have a very good understanding of child development and this gives them absolute reassurance that their children are in capable hands.

Other professionals love them for at least 7 reasons:

  1. they demonstrate that we know how theoretical perspectives can be applied to our practice and provision on a day to day basis
  2. they show that we reflect upon, and assess, children’s learning
  3. they prove that we are always observing children’s play and that we understand the significance of what we see and hear
  4. they prove that we use our outdoor spaces to the MAX
  5. they show that children are enjoying what they are doing and that they are engaged in their learning
  6. they are evidence of our own lifelong learning journey (come on, nobody could remember all of those quotes so yes, we do have to research to find suitable source material)
  7. they appreciate how much parents must enjoy seeing that their children are happy and safe.


So what is it we love about them?

First and foremost, because our parents love them so much they tend to share them on social media. This, in effect, is free publicity for us and the calls just keep on coming. We’ve never paid for advertising ever since we created a Facebook page. So, by just taking an extra 5 minutes on the odd observation here and there (we try to do at least one a day but if we don’t, hey ho) we:

  • keep existing parents happy
  • impress potential new customers
  • impress those other important people we need to impress ie other professionals who work with families (remember, they will signpost families to use your services if they think that what you’re doing is great)
  • reflect on our practice and provision and, where necessary, make improvements
  • collate evidence for our next Ofsted inspection.

So there you have it – how one little photo a day, a week or a month can tick 15 boxes all at once and all for giving up just an extra few minutes of our very precious time.