So what do we have here then? Well, we’ve got somewhere to stand and work or to sit and work. Heck, we can even work under the table and believe me – we do this an awful lot – because when we upcycled this very old school table that we rescued from a skip we made the underside just as pretty as the top, complete with a full sized safety mirror and stick on press-button cupboard lights – cool or what? There’s also somewhere to lounge, somewhere to chat, somewhere to be imaginative, somewhere to make marks, somewhere to count, somewhere to sort, somewhere to practice fine motor skills, somewhere to practice letter sounds, somewhere to take turns, somewhere to match, somewhere to learn about magnetism, somewhere to learn about 2D shapes, somewhere to learn about African culture, somewhere to learn a new art form, somewhere to learn a new language. Yes. All here in this one little space. All there if the children want to do it. All open-ended resources accessible to enhance their play as they go along. All suitable to be taken outdoors to play if they wish to. All planned to meet the current interests and individual developmental needs of the children attending tomorrow.

Not next week. Not next month. Not next term. Tomorrow.

The learning environment itself is the planning and planning in this way means that the learning environment (I’m talking indoor and outdoor here) constantly needs to be reviewed and adapted (we do it daily as different children attend from day to day) to ensure that the children’s level of involvement in their activity is constantly deep (a blog on Leuven’s scales of involvement & well-being is coming very soon, I promise). The resources in each area need to be plentiful, engaging and accessible. We go out of our way to make sure that as many of our resources as possible are made from natural materials. Most, in fact, are scavenged from our regular trips to the beach or woods or in the very least from walking the dogs or posting letters.

Now then, where’s the fancy pants written planning? Oh, this’ll be it then. Took longer to take the photos than it did to write these next steps. Boom.


Less is more guys, less is more.