I’m just gonna say it. It’s our own faults we’re being expected to deliver champagne nurseries on lemonade funding because – let’s be honest – we’ve been doing it for so flaming long. And it’s our own faults because every single day we moan and groan about the changes pushed down on us by idiots who haven’t got a clue about what we do in early years but every single day we Brits do what we always do – what we’re famous for doing in fact – we take it on the chin and just get on and do the best we can.

But when the French got a bit resentful about the gap between the wealthy and the poor what did they do? They had a rebellion. And won.

And when American colonists got sick of British laws and taxes what did they do? They had a war. And won.

They’ve never looked back. Honestly.

And even when the Russian working class and peasants couldn’t cope with being treated like animals any more what did they do? Well, to cut a very, very, very long story short they presented a petition for better working conditions but it all got a bit messy rather quickly, and it all got quite a bit heated actually and really, really bloody, culminating into world war one, riots, a couple of revolutions and a mutiny. It’s complicated granted but guess what…they won.

What do we Brits do when we get a bit peeved? We turn to our love for home-made crafting and make our very own greeting card, with a poem explaining how fed up we are, and we all send it to number 10 on exactly the same day – as agreed – so that Dave’s poor letter opener gets a thousand more paper cuts than he normally has to handle on any given day. Poor sod. Such a pity Dave won’t be opening them himself though because they bloody hurt those paper cuts don’t they? Chances of them all arriving on the same day are pretty remote too mind because I bet some people make some really great cards, all decoupaged, layered up & collaged (coz us early years practitioners are fabulous at stuff like this you know) and so hundreds will either be outside the parameters to be considered standard size or too heavy for standard first class postage. Either way, insufficient postage will be paid on numerous occasions and Dave will get loads of lovely little red cards saying there’s an item at the depot waiting to be collected, please leave 48 hours before collecting and bring this card and proof of your identity. I think I’d actually prefer that.

Well anyway, I’m not only sending Dave a card beyond it’s parameters with insufficient postage paid. No I’m not. I’m sending him a parcel with the most expensive bottle of champagne I can afford. The very best he deserves in fact. Because I’m generous like that and he really could do with it right now God love him.